About Par 4 Plastics

We are a family owned company with family values that was established in 1990.  We believe in partnerships with our people, community, customers and suppliers.   We are all on the same team!

Par 4 Plastics and Par 4 Tooling are located in Marion, Kentucky, strategically positioned in the heart of plastics valley between Evansville, Nashville and St. Louis.

·         45 Miles South of Evansville, IN

·         90 Miles NW of Nashville, TN

·         200 miles SE of St. Louis, MO

Par 4 Plastics serves the following industries:

  • - Automotive
  • - Electronics
  • - Sporting Goods
  • - Construction

We have over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing, molding, and assembly at two facilities located on 30 plus acres. We have 47 mold injection presses ranging from 85 ton to 1150 ton. Our facilities and equipment are modern, clean and world class.  All of our equipment is automated with various poke yoke technology for quality performance.  Our facilities have been retrofitted with state of art LED Lighting and air conditioning.

We manufacture over 2000 parts that are run “just in time.”  Our product mix is complexed running over 200 different materials in 600 plus tools.   We average 30 molds and insert changes and 10 color changes per day. Each day we ship 18-22 trucks to companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico.