Sporting Goods

Sporting GoodsPar 4 Plastics serves numerous areas of the sporting good market, with a big emphasis on gun stocks and components. Our tight tolerance capabilities allows us to create customized designs for the sporting goods industry.

Our attention to first time quality gets quotes to our customers faster and goods in the consumers hand with zero defects. The experts on our team provide full support throughout the program management process. We are experts in our field and are ready to get your project from design to end use.

Products we create for the Sporting Goods Industry:
  • Gun Stocks, recoil pads, trigger guards, grip caps, clips, inserts, etc.
Par 4 Plastics Injection Molding Benefits
  • 200,000 sq. feet of facilities
  • Presses ranging from 85 ton – 1150 ton
  • Fully automated equipment utilizing Poka-Yoke
  • Multi-shot capabilities
  • First Time Quality
  • In-House Tool Room