First time quality is ingrained in every employee at Par 4 Plastics. We inspect materials, machines and especially parts. Every plastic injection molded piece is inspected  to ensure that there are minimal chance of defects. Our quality department is comprised of eleven teammates, including a certified quality engineer with a Six Sigma Black Belt, all striving to meet the same goal of achieving on-time delivery every time and do so with zero defects.

    Our quality systems are ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949: 2016 certified. We utilize an in-house quality laboratory to capture the critical dimension’s specified by our customer’s.

    Our quality department utilizes three main processes for every product we run to help recommend different applications for our customers:

    Melt Flow Testing

    – This test is used to check how many grams of material flows in a certain amount of time to check the viscosity of the material. Materials have a different ranges, we check melt flows lot to lot to ensure process consistency. This determines how we hot we run our presses to make sure we get the same amount of flow.

    Moisture Analyzer

    – This process is used to determine the moisture content of the materials. We ensure our materials are dry before they are processed to avoid any chance of any cosmetic defects in the finished products.

    Coordinate Measure Machine (CMM)

    – Par 4 Plastics utilizes Coordinate Measuring Machines to give us the ability to test the part according to design specifications. We take first time quality serious and want to make sure the products we send out have zero defects and are ready to be used on whatever application they’ve been created for.

    Not only are we ISO and IATF certified, we also take pride in the awards we’ve received through our quality department. Par 4 Plastics has been recognized for the Excellence in Quality Award, Most Improved Supplier, Quality, Delivery, and Program Management Award, as well as the Quality Excellence Award.